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The ctcLink Project

The State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) has chosen to consolidate the software that supports administrative operations into a single, centralized system. The current system, which has been in place for over forty years (since 1979), struggles to consistently support administrative function. As a collective, the SBCTC and the 34 member colleges have chosen to align their core administrative processes to offer a more streamlined, standardized, and accessible experience to employees and students. The selected system is PeopleSoft.

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More About ctcLink and the Progress So Far






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ctcLink for Students


ctcLink for Facuty and Staff



                     The move to ctcLink will help students better manage their entire college experience.               

For many employees, ctcLink will mean big changes to daily work tasks. For others, ctcLink will simply be a new website that will help them better manage their experience as an employee or faculty member.


Online training for employees is ramping up. Learn which training will help prepare you to use ctcLink effectively.