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Space Use Procedures

  1. The process to allocate the use of available space (physical rooms) on the WVC campus is outlined below.
  2. Staff Member completes the appropriate Space Use Proposal form.
    (Protected Word documents with fill-in fields.  Complete them electronically, and email them to Janet Morris.)
    1. Space Use Form - Small (<$20,000)
    2. Space Use Form - Medium ($20,000-$75,000)
    3. Space Use Form - Large (>$75,000)
  3. Space Use Proposal is submitted to the Facilities and IT coordinators for a feasibility study
  4. Facilities and IT coordinators work with the VP of Administrative Services to finalize feasibility study
  5. Feasibility Study results return to requestor, Facilities Committee and their VP/Dean for approval and budget
  6. Dean/VP takes the proposal to the Cabinet for final approval
  7. Cabinet sends approved proposal to Facilities committee
  8. Approved proposal then is disseminated through the Facilities and IT coordinators to create requisitions and work orders
  9. Effected parties are then notified and schedules coordinated for completion of proposal
  10. Initiator Satisfaction Check completed and this information returned to the Facilities Committee for project evaluation

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