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Administrative Contacts

President's Office

President Dr. Jim Richardson 509-682-6400
Executive Assistant to the President Maria Iñiguez 509-682-6400

Administrative Services

Vice President, Administrative Services Brett Riley 509-682-6515
Director, Facilities & Operations Rich Peters  509-682-6465
Director, Fiscal Services Janice Fredson 509-682-6505
Manager, Bookstore (Barnes & Noble) Michael Williamson 509-682-6535

Community Relations

Executive Director, Community Relations Libby Siebens 509-682-6436
Web Marketing & Design Nick Winters 509-682-6473
Writer/Editor Holly Thorpe 509-682-6422


Executive Director, WVC Foundation Rachel Evey 509-682-6415
Executive Assistant to the Executive Director Holly Bernard-Jones 509-682-6418
Coordinator, WVC Foundation Ellora La Shier 509-682-6410
Accountant, WVC Foundation Brenda Galvan 509-682-6412
Communications Coordinator Nancy Barrett 509-682-6416
Omak Foundation Jennifer Short 509-422-7835

Human Resources

Executive Director, Human Resources Reagan Bellamy 509-682-6445
Human Resource Consultant Tim Marker 509-682-6444
Human Resource Consultant Assistant Amy Jo Smith 509-682-6447
Human Resource Consultant Assistant Wendi Martin 509-682-6442

Institutional Effectiveness

Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness & Planning Ty Jones 509-682-6435


Vice President, Instruction Dr. Tod Treat 509-682-6605
Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences Holly Bringman 509-682-6705 
Dean, Libraries & Learning Technologies Andrew Tudor 509-682-6715
Dean, Allied Health Dr. Tod Treat 509-682-6605
Dean, Workforce Education & Continuing Education Dr. Joey Walter   509-682-6614
Director, Workforce Education Pathways Riva Morgan 509-682-6847
Director, Transitional Studies Brent Carter 509-682-6790
Coordinator, Distance Learning Jeannie Henkle 509-682-6718

Student Services

Vice President, Student Services Dr. Chio Flores 509-682-6805
Associate Dean, Student Services & Director, Financial Aid Kevin Berg 509-682-6810
Director, Athletics Kyle Vierck 509-682-6771
Director, Education and Career Planning Jaima Kuhlmann 509-682-6846
Associate Dean of Campus Life, Equity & Inclusion Erin Tofte-Nordvik 509-682-6868
Director, College Assistance Migrant Program  Yuritzi Lozano 509-682-6975
Director, TRiO Student Support Services Ivan Valdovinos 509-682-6979
Registrar Jonathan Barnett 509-682-6835
Coordinator, International Students Johanna Hamilton 509-682-6864
Concurrent Enrollment Director, Running Start Maria Monroe 509-682-6848
Director of Student Access (Disability Services) Lisa Foster 509-682-6854
Coordinator, Outreach and Recruitment Lucero Martinez 509-682-6837
Coordinator, Housing Residence Life Coordinator 509-682-6706
Grant Coordinator, Workforce Education Grants

Erika Schenkvonstauffenberg

WorkFirst Specialist Tina Gavin 509-682-6960
Educational Planner, Workforce Education Grants  Nayeli Cabrera 509-682-6617
Educational Planner, Workforce Education Grants Julie Fitch 509-682-6612
Navigator, ABAWD, Workforce Education Grants Kristina King 509-682-6613