Tuition Payment Plan

WVC now has a tuition payment plan for students taking at least five credits and owing at least $200. The plan allows for three equal payments, and is available for a nonrefundable service charge of $25.

The tuition payment plan is available for students each quarter. To qualify, students need to owe at least $200 in tuition and fees and be enrolled in a minimum of five credits.


The tuition payment plan applies only to tuition and required class fees not covered by financial aid or third party sponsorship.

Students enrolled in a minimum of five credits and owing at least $200 are eligible.

If you are making a payment on your tuition payment plan, you must notify the cashier at
509.682.6500 of this payment. Payments for the payment plan cannot be made online.
Nonrefundable fees don’t qualify for the payment plan and are due with first payment.

Students apply for the payment plan in person or by mail, with the original signed agreement form and approval from a WVC cashier.

Tuition Payment Plan Sign-up Form

The payment plan allows for three equal payments.

  • First payment and service charge due at published tuition due date.
  • Second payment approximately one month later.
  • Final payment approximately a month after second payment.

A nonrefundable service charge of $25 is added to the first payment.

Tuition and fees paid under the payment plan may be forfeited if a student drops classes during the refund period. Unpaid service (late) fees will be deducted from refunds processed.

Class schedule changes that result in more tuition and fees due must be paid within two business days or the payment agreement amended.

Students who drop before all payments are made may be billed for the difference between balance owed and allowable refund.

Payment reminders will be sent to the student’s WVC-issued email address.

A nonrefundable late charge of $20 will be added to unpaid accounts the next business day after the due date.

Students with unpaid fees may be dropped from classes five business days after the established due dates.