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Serving Students Experiencing Homelessness (SSEH) Grant

Program Overview

The SSEH Grant is a  was created to assist students experiencing homelessness, housing insecurity, or students that were in foster care at the time of graduating from high school.

The Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness Pilot was first established during the 2019  legislative session when Washington State Legislature passed Second Substitute Senate Bill  (2SSB) 5800 concerning homeless college students. At the time these guidelines are being  released, Substitute House Bill (SHB) 1166 to expand access to the homeless and foster care  college students pilot program is being considered by the legislature. If SHB 1166 is signed into  law, the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges must select eight college districts with  no less than four located outside of the Puget Sound region to participate in a pilot program to  assist students experiencing homelessness and students who were in the foster care system when  they graduated high school (program-eligible students). Accordingly, the Washington Student  Achievement Council must select four public baccalaureate institutions to participate in a  corresponding pilot program.

In order to qualify for this grant you must fall into at least ONE of the following categories:

  • Currently experiencing homelessness
  • Currently experiencing housing insecurity
  • Were in foster care at the time you graduated high school (or completed a high school equivalency)

For qualifying students, this grant can help with the following:

  • Emergency housing
  • Rental assistance
  • Eviction prevention
  • Short term housing
  • Utilities
  • Access to technology
  • Access to laundry facilities
  • Transportation assistance