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Wenatchee Valley College (WVC) awards scholarships to approximately 200 students annually. Amounts vary up to full tuition. For the 2021-2022 year, scholarship applications may be completed online at WVC AwardSpring.  The online application will require students to register for an account which will be used each year. For tips on filling out the application and applying to other scholarships, view the TRIO SSS Scholarship Workshop.



Application Preview (English)

Application Preview (Spanish)

All WVC students are encouraged to apply

2021-2022: All scholarships have been awarded for this year.

2022-2023: The first deadline is April 10. Additional scholarships will be available in August 2022. Apply now!

Students that submit their application by the April 10 deadline will receive notifications no later than June 2022. Notifications will be sent to the email listed on your application. Scholarships are awarded for one academic year; therefore, students must re-apply each year.

Part-time students are eligible for many scholarships and only a few scholarships have a minimum GPA requirement.

The WVC scholarship application (available in English and Spanish) covers all of the scholarships available. Students do not need to apply for specific scholarships, as the selection committee will match applicants using the application materials submitted.

View the full list of scholarships that the application qualifies you for.

Scholarship recipients are encouraged to submit a thank you letter. Letters are submitted online, through AwardSpring. Instructions will be sent to all recipients.

For tips on filling out the application and applying to other scholarships, view the TRIO SSS Scholarship Workshop.

All current and incoming WVC students including adult learners, part-time students and DREAMers are eligible to apply. There are scholarships for every area of study, view the full list. Only applicants that have not received a 2021-2022 scholarship from the WVC Foundation will be considered.



Many scholarships are renewable, meaning students can receive the same scholarship multiple years in a row. All students that received a scholarship last year are required to re-apply using the general scholarship application.

The athletic department gives athletic awards to students who are participants of WVC’s intercollegiate athletic teams. Inquiries regarding athletic scholarships should be directed to the athletic director or individual sport coach.

Service, business and professional organizations, as well as private citizens, donate money to fund student scholarships on the basis of different criteria such as academic achievement, financial need, commitment to training, involvement in the community, or military service. Scholarship applications are typically available for next year's awards as early as October. Most application deadlines occur during fall and winter quarters.

Eligibility criteria, application procedures and deadlines vary. Click on the "Outside Scholarship Resource List" below to assist with your scholarship search.

 For tips on filling out the application and applying to other scholarships, view the TRIO SSS Scholarship Workshop.

You can find some nationwide and Washington State scholarship information and tips at the following links:

 Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board GEAR UP Scholarship

 For information regarding GEAR UP scholarships please see their website

Sending scholarship funds to WVC:  Make check payable to WVC.  Include WVC Student ID Number of the student.

Mail check to: Wenatchee Valley College, Financial Aid Office, 1300 Fifth Street, Wenatchee, WA 98801