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Parent Information

It is the policy of the College to regard Running Start students as "regular college students." The college is an adult learning community and we treat all of our students accordingly. Students are expected to be independent and responsible for their actions.

This means that when your students have problems with an instructor, the students need to contact the teacher directly. Instructors have office hours to meet with students privately and answer questions and address concerns. Learning to advocate for themselves is a valuable part of students being involved in the program.  WVC faculty are under no obligation to communicate directly with parents.  Their interactions with students are protected under FERPA. 

All student educational records are maintained according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) concerning information that becomes part of the permanent record and governing the conditions of its disclosure. Only name, dates of enrollment, and degrees earned can be released without student authorization.

Students may opt to give the Running Start staff permission to share more information by completing this form and returning it to the RS office.  However, this form does not extend to WVC faculty and they will not be required to speak to parents.  The students must still be the ones to communicate with instructors directly.

The college is released to give academic information to high school counselors or administrators if necessary. If you have questions about this please contact Maria Christina Monroe 509-682-6848.