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Student Registration

SERS Student Instructions 9-2019.pdf 

Register for your CTE Dual credits in the online registration system at the website   For instructions to log-in and use the SERS online system, please refer to the SERS Student Registration Instructions by clicking on the link in the banner button shown above. For a complete manual and detailed instructions for students, please refer to the CTE Dual Credit Student Module at this link: SERS Student Module.

Sign up for credits in the same school year in which you took the class.  It is not possible to register retroactively after you have graduated from high school. 

Returning Student Users:

  • On the SERS home page, click on the picture labeled "Student" to view the student sign-in page.
  • If you have an existing account and remember your username and password, enter those.
  • If you have forgotten your SERS username, you can enter your email into the "I forgot my username" page.  You MUST have a valid email address that accepts outside emails for this to work. If you are using a school email account, ask your teacher if the account can receive email from outside the school.  If you need your email address updated or changed, please contact your teacher or CTE representative for help
  • If you have forgotten your SERS password, you can enter an answer to one of your security questions and choose a new password from the "I forgot my password" link.
  • If you still can't sign in, please contact your teacher or CTE representative for help

First Time Users:

If you do not already have a SERS account, you won't be able to log in.  To create an account:

  • From the Student Log in Screen, click on Create a New SERS Account.  The Create Student Account screen appears.  Red dots indicate required fields. 
  • Select a user name.  If the user name is already taken, you will be asked to select another name. The other fields on the screen will become available once a valid user name is entered.
  • Enter the additional basic information required.  You must use a valid email address that can receive email messages from SERS. If you are using a school account, ask your teacher if the account can receive email from outside the school.
  • Click Next to select a password and security questions and answers.
  • Click Next to finish the account. Click the Sign-in Now button to enter your user name and password for the first time.
  • You will see your Student Profile page to finish your account information.  Note that until all of the red dot fields are completed, you will not be able to register for classes.
  • When done, click the Save button. You can now select the Register for Classes item under the Registration menu.
  • Follow the directions for searching and registering for your class.  See step-by-step student instructions in the banner button at the top of this page.
  • Important!  Finish the registration process by printing a hard copy of your registration form. Click on the printer-friendly icon at the top-right hand corner of the confirmation page.  Print and mail the confirmation page to the college for processing.  SERS will  email a confirmation copy to email address shown in the Student's profile page.  Please keep this copy for your records. A hard copy registration form or forwarded SERS registration confirmation must be sent to the college to confirm the student's intention to apply for college credits. E-mail confirmation to or send the hard copy form to:

Send Registration Forms to:
NCW Tech Prep Consortium
Wenatchee Valley College, WELLS 1070
1300 Fifth Street
Wenatchee, WA 98801

At the end of the semester, your teacher will input your grade into the registration system.  The college will retrieve that and build a college transcript for you.  Remember that you must earn at least a “B” in your high school class to be eligible for college credits.

To request a copy of your college transcript:  Instructions for requesting transcripts can be found at the following link on the WVC website:   transcripts.  (Please understand that grades are posted only at the end of each college quarter, so transcript availability is tied to that.)