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District Articulations

CTE Dual Credit was previously known as Tech Prep.

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Brewster High School Courses Earn the following credits at WVC
Plant Science
1 year
AGRI 108 Introduction of Horticulture - 3 credits
Digitools (1 semester)

BCT 100 Basic Computer Keyboarding - 2 credits
BCT 106 Getting Started with Word Processing - 1 credit
BCT 107 Getting Started with Spreadsheets - 1 credit
BCT 109 Getting Started with Presentation - 1 credit

Computer Applications (1 year)

BCT 105 Computer Applications - 5 credits

Web Design (1 year)

BCT 251 Web Publishing - 5 credits

Environmental Science NATR 108 Exploring Natural Resources Mgmt. - 3 credits
Metal Shop WELD 128 Basic Welding - 3 credits

5 Easy Steps to Direct Credit

  1. Enroll in Brewster High School CTE Dual Credit classes (formerly known as Tech Prep classes).
  2. Register for CTE Dual Credits at the same school year you take the class.
  3. Return the resulting registration form to the WVC CTE Dual Credit Office.  A hard copy registration form sent to the college is required to confirm the student's intention to apply for college credits.
  4. Earn a “B” or better grade in CTE Dual Credit classes. Your teacher will report your grade in the online registration system.
  5. Receive Wenatchee Valley College credits.

For more information, ask your instructor or guidance counselor or call NCW CTE Dual Credit Consortium, 509-682-6847.