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Virtually all students enrolled in a certificate or degree program at Wenatchee Valley College take at least one math course, since mathematical problem-solving skills are valuable in most areas of life.  As part of the registration process, new WVC students seeking a degree or certificate can use multiple measures (including accuplacer, EdReady, transcript placement, or an SBAC or AP score) to determine if they are ready for 100-level and above college classes in math.  If their scores indicate a need for developmental courses to strengthen their skills, they may enroll in basic math and algebra courses (MATH 090, 093, 098, 099).

College-level mathematics courses at WVC include math in society, precalculus (algebra and trigonometry), calculus and analytical geometry, business precalculus and business calculus, finite mathematics, statistics, linear algebra, and differential equations.  Special topics and independent study courses are also available for varying credits. 

The associate of arts and sciences (transfer) degree requires at least 5 credits of quantitative skills classes, taken from either mathematics or computer science, and up to 10 credits of non-lab math or science classes--plus additional electives.  Students earning an associate of technical sciences degree need at least intermediate algebra.  Most workforce education (professional/technical programs) at WVC have other math requirements as well.

Click the link below to download the current placement rubric for placing students into a mathematics course using multiple measures.

Master Placement Rubric

To determine your math pathway at WVC follow the flowchart on the following link.

Math Pathways at WVC

The next link will allow you to download instructions for signing in to EdReady, which is one of our placement measures.

EdReady Sign-in Instructions