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Machining Guide

Suggested Course Sequence:
Associate of Technical Science (ATS) Degree (first and second years)
Certificate of Completion (all first-year classes)
Offered at Wenatchee campus
Financial aid: 
This program is eligible for financial aid if you follow the program guide as listed below. However, if you follow the non-standard, flexible enrollment plan, you may not qualify for aid. Please contact program director Micky Jennings for more information.

To be eligible for the ATS degree or certificate, students must earn a grade of "C" (2.0) or better in all required program core courses and maintain a cumulative 2.0 grade point average.

First Year - Fall Quarter Credits
MACH 105 Machining Technology I 10
ENGR 102 Engineering Graphics and Design 4
BCT 116 Professional Work Relations 3
First Year - Winter Quarter  
MACH 115 Machining Technology II 10
MATH 100T* Technical Math or higher 5
First Year - Spring Quarter  
MACH 125 Machining Technology III 10
OCED 102* Writing in the Workplace/Technical English 5
OCED 130 Industrial Safety 5
  Total Credits for Certificate 52
Second Year - Fall Quarter  
MACH 205 Machining Technology IV 10
CTS 110 Computer Hardware 5
WELD 128** Basic Welding 3
Second Year - Winter Quarter  
MACH 215 Machining Technology V 10
ENGR 105 Computer Aided Drafting 5
Second Year - Spring Quarter  
MACH 225 Machining Technology VI 10
INDT 164 Plant Maintenance 5
ENGR 106 Computer Aided Design: Solid Modeling 4
Any quarter after completion of certificate  
CWE 196 Coop. Work Experience: Job Shadow 1
CWE 296 Coop. Work Experience: Practicum 3
  Total Credits for Degree 108

*Placement score required.
**Students may find it useful to take WELD 128 in winter quarter of the first year since it is a morning offering in winter and fall quarters.