Instructor Spotlight

Dr. Joyce Garrett (continued)

She tries to help nonprofits and their members be better at what they do. “It’s a very practical class. It’s something that is usable tomorrow, not in four years from now,” she said. In her grant writing classes, they do hands-on work, revising and critiquing examples of grants, and practice writing clearly to communicate their mission. The board leadership class will focus on defining roles, norms and improving communication among board members.

“I let them tell me what they want in that class,” she said. “These are grown men and women who have a lot of experience in the community, and they have questions that they want answered. I think it’s my role, to the extent possible, to answer those questions.”

While there are resources online that cover these topics, they can be confusing, Garrett said. That’s why she emphasizes hands-on work and one-on-one teaching in her class.

“There’s the opportunity for people to get individual help, both inside and outside of class. They work in pairs or small teams of three and I work with them,” she said. “We have the opportunity to do some practicing and hands-on work, it’s not just me lecturing.”

Garrett retired in 2004 and moved to Wenatchee in 2012. Most recently she was dean of the college of education at Boise State University. She has served on numerous boards including for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, High Desert Museum and Central Oregon Community College. She has been teaching university classes since 1982.

“I’m a teacher and I love that ‘Aha!’ experience. I love to see a student’s face when they say ‘Okay, I get it.’ ” She said. “I get enough people coming back to me for all kinds of help that I know that I am making a difference.”

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