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Radiologic Technology Program Guide

The WVC Radiologic Technology (RT) program is offered on the Wenatchee campus. If you are interested in the RT program, start by completing the prerequisites. Once you have met all the general requirements and you are near completion on the prerequisites, you are eligible to apply to the RT program. Accepted students begin taking the below classes the spring quarter after submitting an application.

First Year - Spring Quarter Credits
RADT 101 Introduction to Radiologic Technology 2
RADT 111 Radiation Physics (Online) 5
RADT 121 Principles of Exposure I 3
RADT 131  Radiographic Positioning I 6
RADT 105 RADT Success I (Optional) 1
First Year - Summer Quarter  
Social Science *  Choose any five-credit Psychology, Communications, Anthropology or Sociology class numbered 100 or above. 5
ENGL& 101* Composition: General 5
RADT 122 Principles of Exposure II 3
RADT 132 Radiographic Positioning II 6
RADT 151 Imaging Modalities 1
First Year - Fall Quarter  
RADT 123  Principles of Exposure III 3
RADT 133 Radiographic Positioning III 6
RADT 152 Patient Care 4
RADT 106 RADT Success II (Optional) 1
First Year - Winter Quarter  
RADT 134  Radiographic Positioning IV 6
RADT 141 Radiation Biology and Protection 2
RADT 161 Special Procedures 3
RADT 162 Clinical Observation 1
RADT 107 RADT Success III (Optional) 1
Second Year - Spring Quarter  
RADT 231  Clinical Education I 13
RADT 241 Radiographic Seminar I (Online) 1
Second Year - Summer Quarter  
RADT 171  Radiographic Pathology (Online) 2
RADT 232  Clinical Education II 9
RADT 242  Radiographic Seminar II (Online) 1
Second Year - Fall Quarter  
RADT 233  Clinical Education III 13
RADT 243  Radiographic Seminar III (Online) 1
Second Year - Winter Quarter  
RADT 234  Clinical Education IV 13
RADT 244  Radiographic Seminar IV (Online) 1
  Total Credits for Program** 115

* These classes may be taken before starting the RT program. If you choose to complete these while in the RT program, they must be completed outside of the required hours for RADT courses.

** This number does not include prerequisites.