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Strategic Plan 2013-2017

As the only institution of higher education with a full-time presence in its 10,000-square-mile service area, Wenatchee Valley College is keenly aware of its role in providing access to learning opportunities for the citizens of North Central Washington. The priorities set forth in this plan reaffirm WVC’s commitment to its mission as a comprehensive community college, providing high-quality programs and services in university transfer preparation, workforce training, basic skills education, and lifelong learning.

This plan is the result of a collaborative process led by a Task Group of faculty, classified staff, and administrative staff representatives from both WVC campuses. Following an environmental scan of internal and external factors affecting the college, and an assessment of strengths and strategic opportunities, the Task Group shared a draft set of priorities across the college community. After receiving feedback from faculty, staff, students, and the Board of Trustees, the following priorities are presented as areas where WVC will benefit from focused attention over the next several years.

The order of these statements does not convey ranking or importance; the plan is intended to be taken as a whole. These priorities will be accomplished through the development and implementation of institutional initiatives in an annual cycle of planning, budgeting, action, and assessment of outcomes. By revisiting the strategic plan each year, applying its priorities to ongoing decision-making, and ensuring that results are measured, WVC will document changes and demonstrate results leading to improvement of the college.

Strategic Directions and Priorities 2013-2017

Reimagine instructional space and infrastructure to best support teaching and learning in all areas of the institution.

  • As fundamental assumptions about time and space for learning change, provide relevant services, staffing, and tools to support student success through teaching, learning, student development, and other resources
  • Replace or remodel college facilities to enable best practices in instructional design and student support
  • Provide learning support and student support in all learning environments inside and outside the classroom
  • Create and support professional development opportunities that engage faculty and staff in new and creative approaches to teaching and student services
  • Provide teaching support that sustains college-wide adoption of new strategies and tools

Expand WVC's commitment to continuous improvement by increasing the availability and use of data for decision-making with a focus on meaningful outcomes and student success.

  • Integrate data and information across all areas of the college
  • Improve capacity to capture, access, and use data to improve transitions, progress, and completions for student success.
  • Collect, publish, and utilize data from across the college to assure mission fulfillment and attainment of core themes and student learning outcomes
  • Support implementation of the ctcLink integrated data system with local enhancements that meet WVC's needs

Commit to a college-wide effort to engage students and personalize interactions for a positive and individualized student experience.

  • Distinguish WVC by providing an outstanding student experience that draws students to the college and retains them
  • Use tools and technology to coordinate information for personalized interactions
  • Develop systems for student support and academic advising for all students from initial entry through transitions and completion
  • Develop models for integrating competency-based learning and prior experience into academic and career pathways and student advising
  • Provide professional development and training resources that support an individualized, responsive college climate

Approved by the WVC Board of Trustees, February 20, 2013